Monday, November 22, 2010

Figure Collection via Animoto

Ever since I was a young child, I had a huge fascination with collecting action figures. Like many Japanese boys in their preschool years, I was very into the whole tokusatsu scene which is internationally familiarized as the Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger series. As I grew up and out of that phase, my attention turned toward Star Wars, a franchise made famous well prior to my birth and continued to grow bigger as I did. I remember one of the first things I spent my own money was on a Millennium Falcon mini-playset and that led to buying countless amount of figures ranging from the main characters to the most obscure ones. Now at an age where one may feel "too cool" for toys, check out this Animoto video (after the jump) to see what spending my cash on these days.

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With my love for manga and anime comes a need for me to further express my fandom by purchasing collectible, posable figures of characters from the many series I follow. Of course, I like to make use of them as subjects for my camera. It absolutely kills me ordering these figures online with the yen so much stronger than the dollar, however. Fortunately, there is quite the community out there that has a similarly strong passion for this hobby so I don't ALWAYS feel like I'm getting judged by others. Really though, with the high quality production of these figures of such memorable characters, I don't see myself growing out of this hobby anytime soon.

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